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Portfolio: Mobile Applications

Creating a 10,000+ px interactive web canvas

When I began working on the Upper Fort Garry (UFG) app (which you can read more about here) one of the features needed was a way to explore the 400 ft. steel wall on a mobile device. On a device the wall can be 10,000 – 30,000+ pixels wide. I quickly realized it was going to...

How much does a mobile app cost to develop?

Developing a mobile app and determining its costs is complex with no straight answer. One response I use to give uninformed clients is ‘how long is a piece of string?’ There are several factors that can determine the cost range of a mobile application I’ll approach this answer in a few different ways. WHO is...

Travel Manitoba

Manitoba offers some of the country’s best hunting and fishing. Pattern worked with Travel Manitoba to produce an effective submission system to record and award hunters and anglers with achievement badges.

Twitter Spot Light

When someone tweets us needing help we want to know about it. So why not have those tweets automatically light up the office with a giant Pattern logo, Batman-style? To make it happen, we programmed our web server to look for specific Twitter hashtags like #patternhelp. Then, we set up a microcontroller on the network...

Master Angler Panel

With this prototype, we took learning about Travel Manitoba’s Master Angler Program to a new, interactive level. The Master Angler Program recognizes anglers who catch exceptionally-sized fish from Manitoba’s lakes. The angler is entered in the record book and, when they reel in a certain number of qualifying fish, awarded a badge. We happened to...

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

This inspiring new park in downtown Winnipeg invites visitors to interact with stories of the Fort’s past through sculpture, audio, video, web and mobile technologies. Pattern led the design and technical execution of several of the park’s most innovative features.