Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Red River Water Level Display

A new heritage piece for the City of Winnipeg with a modern twist. Pattern has worked with the city to install an interactive display at James Avenue which displays the Red River water levels in real time.

1919 Strike

Discover and learn the rich history of the Winnipeg's influential 1919 Strike including the final bloody confrontation on June 23, 1919 - Bloody Saturday.

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame, New Location with New Installation

The Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame’s move from Bell MTS Place to the Bell MTS Iceplex was accompanied by a redesign of the Hall’s exhibit and content. All aspects of the Hall experience were designed and produced by Pattern, including the addition of a large interactive touchscreen that invites visitors to explore Hall Honourees from the past to present day, via stories, photos and videos. 

An army of 500 drones at the Super Bowl wasn’t live

It was Intel’s biggest show with 500 drones flying around at the super bowl. With the uncertainties of weather, Intel ended up flying the drones the night before. According to USA Today, Intel elaborated on why they didn’t fly at the half time show: “In February, you don’t know what it will be like during...

First World War Memorial

Visitors passing through the newly-restored atrium of Winnipeg’s Union Station are invited to pause and reflect as they take in a thoughtfully executed interactive memorial projected above the east entry.

Pattern is embracing ibeacon

ibeacon was developed by Apple and built into their IOS operating systems, starting with version 7.0. The technology lets retail stores and other businesses send messages directly to their customers’ smartphones by sending push notifications to their app with transmitters and a low powered Bluetooth connection. So basically, you can talk directly to your audience...

Twitter Spot Light

When someone tweets us needing help we want to know about it. So why not have those tweets automatically light up the office with a giant Pattern logo, Batman-style? To make it happen, we programmed our web server to look for specific Twitter hashtags like #patternhelp. Then, we set up a microcontroller on the network...

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame

Website, video documentaries, projections and interactive exhibits, Pattern has all aspects of the Hall of Fame's digital media and interactive needs covered; including the latest redesign of the Hall's exhibit and content.

Master Angler Panel

With this prototype, we took learning about Travel Manitoba’s Master Angler Program to a new, interactive level. The Master Angler Program recognizes anglers who catch exceptionally-sized fish from Manitoba’s lakes. The angler is entered in the record book and, when they reel in a certain number of qualifying fish, awarded a badge. We happened to...

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

This inspiring new park in downtown Winnipeg invites visitors to interact with stories of the Fort’s past through sculpture, audio, video, web and mobile technologies. Pattern led the design and technical execution of several of the park’s most innovative features.