Fast, secure and completely customizable – this is hosting at its best.

With Pattern Hosting, you get customized hosting based on exactly what you need. We tailor your package so you – and your website – will be happy. And if you outgrow that package, don’t fret. Our servers have room to spare and we can tweak your package to meet your changing needs.

Our Packages

Shared Hosting Starting at $20 / month

Shared hosting is ideal for designers, bloggers and small businesses that need fast, simple and secure hosting. You’ll get exactly what you need without paying for what you don’t. Here’s your starting point:

  • 5GB Bandwidth / Month
  • 1GB Storage
  • 10 Email accounts / unlimited aliases

Dedicated Virtual Servers Starting at $125 / month

A virtual server to call your very own? You got it. Dedicated resources to your small enterprise, or large scale e-commerce website. Tell us your requirements and we’ll set it up. Here’s your starting point:

  • 100 GB Bandwidth / Month
  • 20 GB Storage
  • minimum 1/10th server resources

Dedicated Server $750/month

This is the big leagues. If you’re running a popular website or app with loads of traffic our most powerful servers are yours to command. You’ll get all the horsepower you need with a dedicated server. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1000 GB Bandwidth / Month
  • 250 GB Storage

Who’s customizing their hosting?

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Real Support

When you need support, we’re here, any time, all the time. No tiered support or needing to talk to a supervisor. Just pick up the phone and be connected directly to our system administrators phone who regularly maintain our servers. Our level 4 hosting facility is, after all, located here at home, right where we like it.

call 204-414-0530 9-5 or 204-414-2833 after hours to get in touch with our system admins.