Portfolio: Video / Motion

You can increase your brand on YouTube by one simple word

A study was recently conducted by Tubebuddy and HEY!.com showing you can increase your overall YouTube views by 66% and views can increase by 97% which is almost doubling your viewcount. Here are some quotes from the experts who are applying this technique: “By addressing people directly with the word ‘you’, it’s possible to get...

An army of 500 drones at the Super Bowl wasn’t live

It was Intel’s biggest show with 500 drones flying around at the super bowl. With the uncertainties of weather, Intel ended up flying the drones the night before. According to USA Today, Intel elaborated on why they didn’t fly at the half time show: “In February, you don’t know what it will be like during...

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame

Website, video documentaries, projections and interactive exhibits, Pattern has all aspects of the Hall of Fame's digital media and interactive needs covered; including the latest redesign of the Hall's exhibit and content.

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

This inspiring new park in downtown Winnipeg invites visitors to interact with stories of the Fort’s past through sculpture, audio, video, web and mobile technologies. Pattern led the design and technical execution of several of the park’s most innovative features.