What’s the difference between Pattern and other hosting providers?

Ok we’re going to brag just a little. Here’s why we’re proud of Pattern Hosting:

  1. We’re a Canadian- based hosting company with all of our servers located in our hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  2. Our ISP has several backbone connections to optimize bandwidth and uptime for our clients.
  3. We specialize in completely customized hosting plans and server configurations. When our clients’ needs fall outside of typical hosting plans, we can give them a solution. We like that.
  4. As our client, you have direct access to the system administrators that maintain the servers and your website. There’s no middle man here.
  5. We’re more than just hosting. Our Pattern Interactive division creates interactive experiences with mobile applications, electronic installations and websites. We can help engage your audience, expand your market and change how you use digital technology to improve your business.