Portfolio: Websites

Campaign Record Keeping

A tool Pattern developed for Manitoba Election candidates to track their income, expenses and contributions before and during an election campaign. The candidates can also print and download the forms necessary to send to Elections Manitoba from with in the system.

Media Manager

Media Manager is a web application developed by Pattern for government agencies to manage calls coming in regarding various news and information from different outlets.

Manitoba Self Check

Pattern has come up with a safe and effective method for the businesses to present their patrons or guests with the Covid questionnaire and get an automated contact tracing system in place.

1919 Strike

Discover and learn the rich history of the Winnipeg's influential 1919 Strike including the final bloody confrontation on June 23, 1919 - Bloody Saturday.

Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission

Every 10 years a Commission convenes to assess the provincial electoral divisions and ensure all Manitobans voters are fairly represented. The Boundaries Commission is a tool that helps Manitobans to learn about and participate in the process. Which in turn helps the Commission better appraise voters needs.

Creating a 10,000+ px interactive web canvas

When I began working on the Upper Fort Garry (UFG) app (which you can read more about here) one of the features needed was a way to explore the 400 ft. steel wall on a mobile device. On a device the wall can be 10,000 – 30,000+ pixels wide. I quickly realized it was going to...

Raymond SC Wan Architect

Raymond SC Wan Architects is an award-winning architectural firm known for their commitment to building long-lasting relationships. When modernizing the Winnipeg-based company’s website to match their contemporary aesthetic, Pattern focused on a clean design to put beautiful imagery of their projects front and centre.

You can increase your brand on YouTube by one simple word

A study was recently conducted by Tubebuddy and HEY!.com showing you can increase your overall YouTube views by 66% and views can increase by 97% which is almost doubling your viewcount. Here are some quotes from the experts who are applying this technique: “By addressing people directly with the word ‘you’, it’s possible to get...

Manitoba Ag Days

Held in Brandon, Manitoba Ag Days is a three-day exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and the United States.

As their go-to technical experts, Pattern developed an integrated approach to take care of all of Ag Days’ technical needs. We developed their website, exhibitor registration system and interactive exhibitor booths map as well as an administration and reporting system that simplified their management tasks and significantly reduced overhead.

Government of Manitoba

The Government of Manitoba relies on Pattern to provide highly customized web solutions and administration systems that remain flexible and modular.