Manitoba Self Check

In this unprecedented times, when all the businesses around us are having a difficult time to cope with new normal. Pattern has come up with a safe and effective method for them to present their patrons or guests with the Covid questionnaire and get an automated contact tracing system in place.

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As a business, they will receive a package which will include printable poster with a QR code unique to that particular business. These posters should be placed near the entrances so that the patrons can scan the QR code to gain entrance to the building. The staff will have to verify the information presented to them by their patrons and approve their entry to the building.


MB Self Check allows the businesses to easily track the health of the people that enter their premises quickly and more efficiently. The use of this service ensures self accountability of customers, quicker entry of the people and free up business resources as well.


Before the patrons want to enter the facility, they will first scan a unique QR code on the poster. Then they will have to fill a form answering the COVID questionnaire and finally they will show their phone to the staff member so that they can enter the facility.