Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame

Like the cold of winter, hockey is part of the Canadian prairie fabric. Pattern has helped the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame celebrate the game and its people with a collection of web and video productions showcasing the province’s hockey heritage.

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Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame Hockey Greats Make History Play-by-Play the old way Winnipeggers find out about their team's victory over telegraph. Artistic illustration of player taking net shot Artistic drawing of ice hockey players


Shiny on the outside

Pattern redesigned the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame website so it is on brand, with an updated look and purpose-driven visitor experience. Visitors can now easily explore the players, teams, coaches, referees and builders that make up Manitoba’s rich hockey heritage.

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame website's homepage

Talking with the greats

Interview video listing on MB HHOF YouTube channel

Stories from inside the locker room

Pattern’s boardroom was transformed into an interview studio, complete with signed jerseys from Nicklas Lidtsrom, Bobby Hull, Jean Beliveau, Andy Bathgate, Pete Stemkowski and Brad Park.

We captured firsthand accounts from Manitoba’s hockey greats and their rise to success through oral histories. The result was the kind of stories that can usually only be found within the locker room. 200+ high-quality picture and audio videos can be explored on the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame YouTube channel.


Manitoba’s history of hockey

Pattern put our audio visual production expertise to work in creating Hockey, Manitoba Style, a documentary that takes the viewer through the game’s beginnings and rapid growth on the prairies and Manitoba’s rise to the top of the sport.


Dropping the gloves to fight overseas

A video memorial at MTS Centre honouring the many Manitoban hockey players who left the game to fight for our country in the First and Second World Wars.

Pattern used 3D parallax and 2D imagery to attract attention with interesting visuals and solved many challenges along the way including projector location, network access and skewed walls to execute this project flawlessly.


Museum Exhibit

Exhibit & Interactive Touchscreen Design

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame’s move from Bell MTS Place to the Bell MTS Iceplex was accompanied by a redesign of the Hall’s exhibit and content.

All aspects of the Hall experience were designed and produced by Pattern, including the addition of a large interactive touchscreen that invites visitors to explore Hall Honourees from the past to present day, via stories, photos and videos. Combined with the dynamic display graphics and artifacts from Sport Manitoba, the province’s hockey history has a bright future.

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame Interactive Installation in Bell MTS Iceplex MB HHOF Touchscreen display at Bell MTS Iceplex MB HHOF Interactive Touchscreen close up on web interface