You can increase your brand on YouTube by one simple word

YouYube marketing with the work you video with closed caption

A study was recently conducted by Tubebuddy and HEY!.com showing you can increase your overall YouTube views by 66% and views can increase by 97% which is almost doubling your viewcount.

Here are some quotes from the experts who are applying this technique:

“By addressing people directly with the word ‘you’, it’s possible to get more personal and interactive. Asking people’s advice and opinions, and letting viewers direct your content, also helps with engagement and trust.”

– JeremyVest,Founder,Vidpow

“The word ‘you’ is important,but it goes even deeper than that.’You’ is one piece of evidence that a direct conversation is taking place between the creator/influencer/presenter and the YouTube viewer.We’ve seen research that shows that the brain activity is the same in that setting as it is between two close friends in a conversation.”

– JeremyHughes,Founder,ElevatePictures

While it is not a guaranteed success, if you apply some of the techniques outlined in this study, you’ll have a better chance at increasing your audience.

The Power of You in YouTube


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